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Industry / Solutions T2TG Industry solutions
Time 2 talk offers Devices with Web enabled enterprise mobility solutions to various verticals. We are growing rapidly supporting organizations with strategic and flexible solutions in verticals such as Education, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Law enforcement, Defense & Manufacturing.

Time 2 talk offers an intelligent education platform for e-Learning content providers, educational institutions and students who wish to pursue self study through connected devices by leveraging the power of cloud based content and existing E-Learning content.

Today's retail world is complex and highly competitive. The increasing compulsions to remain both global and local (glocal), proliferation of consumer tastes and streamlined supply chains girdling the globe are adding to the complexities in business. In such a scenario, sustaining growth through new footfalls and building lifetime customer loyalty are the priorities to be addressed. Time 2 talk has deep domain knowledge and expertise in Retail with focus on providing device based mobility solutions centered on core Retail business processes.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing organizations today are facing formidable challenge in managing a large sales force despite using the latest technologies to optimize sales productivity. Time 2 Talk device based CRM solutions streamline the processes across the enterprise thereby reducing sales cycle, optimizing time for real time data updation, sourcing and managing customer demand.
Health Care

Owing to data intensity and mobility, the healthcare providers have unique demands on computer devices. Their unique demands are driven by operational sensitivity to quality of information and the operating environment.   Health care providers can now deliver reliability and mobility at the point of care with Time to Talk’s sturdy tablets and hand held devices that can take them closer to their patients through online connected devices for medical record updation and patient communication. 
Law Enforcement agencies

It’s a well known fact that Police and other law enforcement agency officials put their life in jeopardy to protect those they serve. They encounter innumerable situations fraught with unanticipated dangers. They need to be armed with state of the art tools in the field to work smarter.

Time 2 Talk offers a user friendly rugged Windows-based PC tablet to the law enforcement officials providing ultra-mobility and safety.

The proactive governments all over the world are leveraging the rapid growth in penetration of mobile technology and connectivity for public service under e-governance initiatives.  They plan to deliver services through mobile devices like mobile phones and inexpensive tablet PCs to ensure reach and accessibility to the common man. Time to talk with their core expertise in embedded software technology can accelerate all such initiatives by providing a wide range of low cost tablets and hand held devices that can help government develop applications customized to their specific needs