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Embedded Intelligence Technology mirrors how humans learn and adapt, through thinking, memorizing, sensing and learning elements. The technology-world equivalents are processors, memory, analog sensors and software. Adding embedded intelligence to everyday products makes them easier and safer to use.
T2TG owes its origin to a dynamic and dedicated team of technocrats each with over two decades of experience in mobile computing and telecom industries and in functional areas of managing manufacture and new business development. T2TG enables its customer to leverage technology for sustainable competitive advantage. 
Our core competencies are in the areas of complex platform integration, mobile platforms, biometrics, android applications, rugged handhelds and tablets, RFID, and manufacturing process management. These competencies have found expression in our innovations in technology and systems and new products development.   Our robust relationship with partners in the value chain imparts traction to innovation and marketing. A deep understanding of the role of technology in governance enables us to proactively assist institutions in evolving and implementing citizen centric initiatives.
Our Strategic Architecture is the framework of relationship with partners in the value chain, which complements our core competencies.  Our strategies are formulated and executed leveraging these robust interrelationships.
‘To be the partner of choice in customised embedded platform solutions for the global markets.’
•    To Build and maintain strategic partnerships and foster relationships to create products and solutions which enable communities to live and work more efficiently. We intend to make this possible through sustainable and symbiotic partnerships across the value chain.
•    To provide full spectrum solutions from concept to product and after care (Life Cycle Management).
•    To bring out mobile platform implementations that can reach global scale.